My journey into the health care field started with my own health needs. For years, I struggled with my own disordered eating patterns and difficulty maintaining a healthy weight. It was such a relief to finally learn how to use food skillfully to stabilize my blood sugar, feel satisfied with my meals and reduce cravings for less healthy foods. Through a journey of studying nutrition and healing arts like meditation and yoga, I was able to find a healthier way of living for myself. But after having children, the bottom dropped out of my world. Despite all my healthy food and yoga, I had chronic fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and depression. My hormones were a mess and I didn't know where to turn. My nutrition expertise wasn't able to fix this one! That is when I learned how to use a wider tool box and assemble a team. For me, this toolbox and team included not only the food, supplements, meditation and appropriate exercise, it included a therapist, a good doctor, skillful use of medication, testing to guide us, identifying life stressors and setting healthy boundaries. I learned how to track my sleep and stress indices in order to identify what behaviors were unhelpful. My passion for health care comes from my own experiences in what seems like I've made every mistake in the book, and I want to help others avoid my mistakes. My young self has a history of eating disorders with binge eating. I'm a child of the 80's and that low-fat trend did a number on my ability to stabilize my blood sugar AND my weight. I was at war with my own body alternating restrictive eating with binging, overexercising to compensate and just putting TOO much focus on my food and weight as a result of that struggle. Once I learned the workings of my metabolism and what my body actually needed in terms of food, it seemed to relax and stop the madness. Ugh, it was such a relief to find some real answers to that to stop that horrible cycle.

Later after becoming a mom, it was that classic combination of burnout and insomnia. I was doing all the right things in terms of food, exercise, yoga, mediation.... but somehow, my mental health took a back seat along with any sense of rest and ease. This journey of fatigue and no sleep took me on a journey of learning about how stress was affects our bodies in a myraid of negative AND positive ways, and how I can modify that. I also learned about sleep, circadian rhythms and how our diet and lifestyle both impacts and is impacted by it.

I will never again underestimate the power of the basics again. But my clients come to me with a wide variety of symptoms. We always do the $5 fix first!

What are you eating? How are you sleeping? How are your stress levels? How much are you moving?

Then we utilize the labs they already have and labs their insurance will cover to guide our diet and lifestyle plans.

Some things I help my clients with every day include:

Lowering blood sugars

Lowering blood pressure

Improving hypothyroid symptoms

Alleviating gut problems

Reversing anemia

Reversing histamine intolerance

Improving chronic health issues that are at the root of obesity.

Improving sleep

While many of my patients are overly-reliant on prescription medication to treat symptoms, I find an equal number are resistant to including skillful use of prescription medication as a step towards healing. And while my expertise is in using food, supplements, movement and relaxation methods to improve health, I will partner with my clients to explore other ways to find balance in their lives and build their toolbox and team out so they have the support they need to heal. If needed, I work as a quarterback to help manage the team through regular coaching sessions and collaborative conversations with other providers.

I hold a MS in Nutrition from Bastyr University and have taught nutrition and cooking classes since 2001 in addition to working with individuals. I am certified as a nutritionist with the State of Washington. Currently, I'm studying with the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy towards a certificate program in functional medicine. I have been teaching yoga since 1998 and have practiced both yoga and meditation regularly since then. Before this, I worked in scientific research in the field of immunology and cancer research. I have always been interested in how the human body works and how to improve health.

I enjoy hiking, surfing, skiing, cooking, walking my dog and reading. I really like to go to the beach and I'm obsessed with crossword puzzles. I have moved around quite a bit, but am settled with my family of 4 back in SW Washington, where I grew up, where we raise chickens, bees, a big garden, sometimes homeschool, host meditation groups and do yoga on the back deck.