About me

I hold a MS in Nutrition from Bastyr University and have taught nutrition and cooking classes since 2001 in addition to working with individuals. I am certified as a nutritionist with the State of Washington. Currently, I'm studying with the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy towards a certificate program in functional medicine. I have been teaching yoga since 1998 and practiced both yoga and meditation regularly since then. Before this, I worked in scientific research in the field of immunology and cancer research. I have always been interested in how the human body works and how to improve health.

I enjoy hiking, surfing, skiing, cooking and reading. I really like to go to the beach and I'm obsessed with crossword puzzles. The past 14 years, my family has been my main focus as we have been gardening, raising chickens and homeschooling our kids in Clark County, where I grew up.

My work focuses primarily on food and nutrition, but I always take into account other aspects of health and will make recommendations for exercise, rest, meditation and other lifestyle considerations as they pertain to health in my areas of expertise.