Nutrition 101: Metabolic Reset.

Online nutrition course provided asynchronously to you for 4 weeks.


Purchase Metabolic Reset by December 24, 2020 and pay just $75. You can choose what date you'd like the first class to start, but must start by Jan. 31, 2021.

Do it alongside a friend and support each other in health this January.

What a wonderful gift for both of you.

IMPORTANT: If this is a gift, be sure to send me the email of the recipient and the date you want the class to begin. Click here to be re-routed to my email.

Do the Metabolic Reset any time on your own schedule and get started on healing to reverse or prevent:

Type 2 diabetes

Pre-diabetes/Metabolic syndrome


Estrogen dominance

High cholesterol

High blood pressure

Hard to lose "spare tire"

Low testosterone

Fatty liver

Low thyroid

Adrenal fatigue

Work with me for a month! Learn how your metabolism works and work with your body instead of fighting it.

Nutrition 101: Metabolic Reset is a 4-week series provided online to do on your own schedule.

This class is designed to give participants the knowledge about how their own digestion and metabolism works so they are better able to make good nutrition and health decisions for themselves and their families. Topics covered are:

Class 1: Digestion and common digestive problems, microbiome and stress-reduction methods.

Class 2: Carbohydrate metabolism, blood sugar regulation, insulin resistance, energy regulation and diabetes.

Class 3: Protein needs (no matter what kind of diet you subscribe to).

Class 4: Healthy fats and putting it all together. (There is some good news in here!)

These topics will be connected to how to avoid diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease, manage a healthy weight, improve energy, avoid chronic digestive problems, getting the right amount of protein and carbohydrates, building a healthy microbiome and more. The class will not promote any particular type of diet other than one comprised mainly of whole and minimally processed foods. Participants should expect to take this knowledge and be able to navigate the complicated waters of health and nutrition trends.

Each week, you will receive an email with links to the hour-long presentation, the slides, handouts, and some recipes. At the end of each class, there will be recommended homework to help you integrate what we learn into your own life. For example, after the protein class, you will learn how to assess your own protein needs, assess how much you are eating and use the information provided to make modifications. This will give you concrete tools to start using right now to begin customizing your diet and start narrowing in on what works best for you.

I encourage my new clients to sign up for this, as it provides them with everything I would teach them one-to-one, but with more detail and for a real cost reduction.

This class is suitable for adults, high school students and interested middle grade students. I always recommend the whole household watch it so they can support each other in better health.

People wanting more support find it helpful to schedule an initial appointment with me before the class, then follow-up appointments after class 2 and class 4. But this can also be done independently.

$90 for the 4-week class. Receive weekly emails with all the materials for you watch with your household and to keep.

$90 Regular price (after Dec 24, 2020)


A week of free instruction in breath work.

A deep breathing practice (also called pranayama) might be one of the

most important stress-reduction tools in your tool box.

Learn to come immediately to the present moment and reduce stress using the classic tool of breath work as taught to me by my teachers Dr. Shrikrishna and Dona Holleman.

Watch the replays on my Facebook page. Each class buids on the one before, so be sure to watch it in order.