Nutrition Consulting

Group Classes

Corporate Wellness

Health Education Materials and Articles

Nutrition consulting, one-on-one or family services: $70/hour. Sliding scale rate down to $40 .

Group classes:

$100/90 minute nutrition/health class. Topics like Balancing Blood Sugar, Kids' Nutrition, Protein Needs. Ask about discounted rates for groups lacking funds in the local area.

$150/2-hour group cooking classes, plus materials. Examples include: Knife Skills, Salads and Dressings, Soup Day, Cooking with Sea Vegetables.

Corporate wellness services available

Health Education Materials and Articles. I provide handouts with nutrition guidelines for medical and wellness providers, technical and health content and advice columns for websites and periodicals and contributions for textbooks.

It is a priority for me to keep my consulting rates affordable to our community. To ensure this, I do not keep an office. Appointments are held at either your home, in a meeting space such as a cafe or through video conferencing. Insurance is not accepted. Reducing my paperwork means my time is spent on you, not billing. Cash, check or online payments are accepted. Sliding scale pay rate is offered for those on a limited income.