Nutrition Consulting

Group Classes

Functional labs


Nutrition consulting, one-on-one: $100-120/hour-long consultation depending on what is included. First appointment $175. Shorter follow-up consultations done over the phone or video conferencing are pro-rated. Only one individual is counseled at each appointment but other family members may want or need to be included for practical reasons. We will go over all your labs, coordinate care with your other providers, create a plan and support you on your journey as needed. Sign up for plans for more support, savings and better outcomes.

Group classes: In person or over ZOOM.

$150/90 minute nutrition/health class. Topics like Balancing Blood Sugar, Kids' Nutrition, Protein Needs. Ask about discounted rates for groups lacking funds in the local area.

$150-200/2-hour group cooking classes, plus materials. Examples include: Knife Skills, Salads and Dressings, Soup Day, Cooking with Sea Vegetables.

Functional Labs: As much as possible, I utilize the labs patients can get using insurance with their doctor. But when we need more information, I utilize functional labs. These tests give us windows into the body to tell us what is really happening. Actual deficiencies of critical nutrients, dysfunction of the organs in the intestinal tract, intestinal pathogens and hormone imbalances. Examples of tests I use include an organic acid test by Great Plains, GI Map stool test by Diagnostic Solutions and Dutch test for hormones by Precision Analytical. The right test with skillful interpretation can save a person thousands of dollars in incorrect treatments and years of living with dis-ease. As like to say, "Test, don't guess!"

I am currently not accepting insurance. Reducing my paperwork means my time is spent on you, not billing. I accept online payments through a secure platform or checks.