Nutrition Consulting

Group Classes


Health Education Materials and Articles

Nutrition consulting, one-on-one or family services: $90/hour-long consultation. First appointment $120. Shorter follow-up consultations done over the phone or video conferencing are pro-rated. Only one individual is counseled at each appointment but other family members may want or need to be included for practical reasons.

Group classes: In person or over ZOOM.

$150/90 minute nutrition/health class. Topics like Balancing Blood Sugar, Kids' Nutrition, Protein Needs. Ask about discounted rates for groups lacking funds in the local area.

$150-200/2-hour group cooking classes, plus materials. Examples include: Knife Skills, Salads and Dressings, Soup Day, Cooking with Sea Vegetables.

Nutrigenomics: Genetics are a new tool we have to support health. However, our genes only tell you what COULD be going on. We need other labs and evaluation of symptoms to give us a clear picture. We can use your genetic reports to help us address your needs, and clarify any concerns you may have.

Health Education Materials and Articles: I provide handouts with nutrition guidelines for medical and wellness providers, technical and health content and advice columns for websites and periodicals and contributions for textbooks.

Corporate wellness services also available.

I am currently not accepting insurance, but I plan to start later in 2021. Until then, I have reduced my rates to make my services more accessible. Appointments are held at either your home, in a meeting space such as a cafe or park or through video conferencing (anywhere in the world!). Reducing my paperwork means my time is spent on you, not billing. Cash, check or online payments are accepted. (Update: during the COVID-19 closures, I will be doing local appointments at either nearby parks or on lawn chairs outside your home at a distance to provide safety for all my clients.)